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Puppy Visits

Have a new addition to your family?

Bringing home your new puppy is a very exciting time but as much fun as it is, it is also hard work. Puppies require different amounts of care depending upon their age, breed and temperament.

4603150340_262x196Young puppies require 4 meals a day, endless opportunities to go to the toilet and time spent toilet training, as well as lots of attention and sleep. It can be particularly hectic if you have to go back to work and you don’t want them to be left alone all day, as it is generally recommended that young puppies are not left for more than 3 to 4 hours at a time. The most difficult time for most families is when your puppy is yet to have his or her vaccinations and be able to go out for walks.

At Newcastle K9 Day Care we can arrange to visit your home once or twice a day to feed your puppy and let them outside to go to the toilet and, if necessary, clean up any accidents. We will provide physical and mental stimulation and some TLC, ensuring you come home to a happy puppy. Puppy visits usually occur late mornings and early afternoons but can be changed to suit individual needs.

Once your puppy had had his or her vaccinations we have either day care or dog walking services to maintain your dogs health and well being.

Please note: these visits are not suitable cover for holidays.