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Home Boarding

We all love our dogs but there are inevitably times when we must leave them whether it’s to go on a much needed holiday or away on business. As an alternative to boarding kennels Newcastle K9 Day Care offers home boarding for your dog.

We offer a tailor made ‘home from home’ experience ensuring that his or her routine is kept as close to normal as possible to help to reduce stress and help them settle. During their stay your dog will receive attention, exercise and TLC in a warm and friendly environment. If you have a dog in training please let us know as we are happy to help. Similarly it is important that you let us know if your dog has any allergies or exercise restrictions. If you are a raw feeder this can also be accommodated here at Newcastle K9 Day Care as we have plenty of freezer space and a separate fridge for storing dog food.

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Home boarding means that your dogs stay with us in our home and are taken to our dedicated day care centre during the day with our own dogs and the rest of the day care crew. For a full run down of what’s available at the centre please look at our day care page.

At home we still have plenty of outside space which is totally secure and plenty of toys including some agility equipment. On hot days we even have a paddling pool for that much needed cool down. Prior to their stay all dogs are required to attend an introduction/familiarisation session and be fully vaccinated, including kennel cough.

If you decide you would like your dog to board with us we would invite you and your dog to meet with us so that we can assess if its a suitable place for your dog. At this time we would go through your dogs daily routine and any questions you may have. We also offer a free trial day to help your dog(s) get to know us and vice versa.

All dogs are monitored initially for signs of stress and to make sure that they are comfortable in their new environment.

If your dog has any behavioural issues please inform us of this, but be aware that we do not accept aggressive dogs. Sorry but we are also unable to board adult un-neutered males or females in season.

We are fully licensed and insured.

£25 per night

Additional dogs from the same family are £12 per night