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Dog Walking

If your dog comes to us for day care, as well as lots of play we always like to get the dogs out for walks. We are sorry but we no longer have any spaces for dog walks only. Our walks usually occur in a variety of locations including, Havannah Nature Reserve,
Weetslade Colliery Country Park, Gosforth Racecourse, Rising Sun, Seaton Sluice and Cambois beaches, Big Waters, Newcastle Town Moor and Jesmond Dene to name but a few.

All dogs are only walked with other pre-approved dogs and we only walk a maximum of six dogs at a time. We will only let your dog off the lead with your written consent and even then only if after recall training we are confident that your dog is responding to us and has a reliable recall. We still only let dogs of lead in safe areas, well away from roads. We believe that walking the dogs during their time at day care is important for several reasons. Some adult and elderly dogs simply do not want to play with other dogs and would therefore not get enough exercise during the day. Even those dogs that are happy to play with other dogs all day benefit from spending time out of the day care centre as this enables us to spend quality time with them without so much distraction and encourages them to focus on us humans. This is necessary for us to build a bond with your dog and helps with training and general behaviour.

£12 per hour per dog, £6 for each additional dog from the same family.